SKORDmount - GoPro Camera Mount for Kiteboarding

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SKORDmount: Quality video from your Kiteboarding Kite

The SKORD mount originated from numerous attempts to capture quality video from the kiteboarding kite.  The center strut being the most stable is the best place to mount the camera.  The problem was that a fixed mount required a ton of editing. SKORD mount has come to the rescue with a revolutionary mount that changes the way that you are able to shoot videos and photos from your kite.   The SKORD mount is constantly adjusting the camera position while you fly the kite in order to capture great video of you and your surroundings.  When you are finished with your session and are watching the footage you will realize you have SKORD some great video.

  • Ensure your camera is set to upside down mode, there is a fresh memory card installed, and the battery is fully charged.
  • Install the camera to the SKORD mount using the supplied hardware and a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Attach the SKORD mount to the fully inflated center strut of your kiteboarding kite.
  • Adjust the tension knob of the SKORD mount to the desired tension.

Now the camera and SKORD mount are ready for you to use!

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