Multipurpose Changing Towel

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Multipurpose Beach Changing Towel

Often, it's the simplest idea that's the best. Case in point; this easy to use beach changing towel. It's essentially two highly absorbent and colorful bath sheets (really long towels) seriously sewn together with nylon webbing reinforcement along the sides and top with gaps left for your head and arms to protrude. It makes changing from boardshorts into a wetsuit or from wet clothes into dry a warm and modest activity and avoids the risk of an indecent exposure citation. The twin-thick towels also make great separator padding between two boards in your bag, seat or dash covers against the harsh beach sun and a great layout towel while you're awaiting your turn on the kite. The price is right too...can't even make a poor-man's copy yourself as inexpensively. If you plan to get wet, change clothes in public or just want a double thick and super absorbent towel, this is for you.

Assorted colors. Size 32"x52"