About Us

Kinetic Kiteboarding is a division of Extreme Sports Dallas (esD) which was founded in 2012 to provide individualized one-on-one sports instruction, support and gear to beginner and intermediate kiteboarders in Dallas. Through hard work, determination and the provision of highly effective lessons and top quality gear, we have developed into the largest local provider of kiteboarding services in the Metroplex. We are currently the exclusive authorized dealers for Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Crazyfly Kiteboarding, Ozone Kites, Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding and Cabrinha Kiteboarding in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and also offer the best wetsuits and water wear through our authorized dealerships with O'Neill Wetsuits and NP (Neil Pryde) Wetsuits.

Most people think of Kiteboarding as a “destination activity” that can be performed only in remote locations by the sea, but the reality is that there are between 80 and 100 wind days per year that are suitable for kiteboarding in Dallas.  

Kiteboarding: We provide safe and effective kiteboarding lessons right here in Dallas. Driving six to nine hours to the coast to take lessons was once the only option for Dallasites who wanted to learn how to kiteboard. It's true that coastal winds are usually good, but it's not uncommon to travel expecting four or five days of kiteboarding instruction only to be disappointed by a mostly windless week. Coastal lessons are also usually taught in shallow water where a student’s feet can touch bottom to promote confidence and ease of learning; however, the lake waters in which we kite in Dallas are all deep. Many people who make the pilgrimage to the coast and learn the basics of kiting in shallow water return to Dallas to find themselves unprepared for the additional kite and board skills required in the deep water lakes in which they are planning to kiteboard most often. Coastal kiteboarding schools also tend to provide instruction in a group or semi-private format which many aspiring kiteboarders find less comfortable, less conducive to learning or feel offers inadequate individual attention to their specific areas of progression difficulty. We provide one-on-one, individualized lessons in the same deep water that Dallas kiteboarders will be riding after they've completed their lessons without the travel time, expense and uncertainty associated with learning on the coast.

In order to provide our students and customers with the latest and safest kiteboarding gear technologies, we've partnered with seven of the most trusted and well known manufacturers of kiteboarding and wetsuit gear in the world. We are proud to be the Metroplex's exclusive authorized dealer of Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Ozone Kites, Crazy Fly Kiteboarding, Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding and Cabrinha Kiteboarding and an authorized dealer for O'Neill Wetsuits and NP wetsuits. Through our various dealerships, we are able to meet the total gear needs of even the most discriminating kiteboarders.

Our business objective is to provide safe and effective one-on-one, individualized lessons in the environments in which our students will be practicing after they’ve completed their instruction without the travel time, expense and uncertainty associated with learning on the coast.